Our brewers love to experiment, and our seasonal beer line-up is the result of their creativity. Check back often because you never know when we’ll add new brews!


India Pale Ale

Each spring, we will turn the spotlight on our talented brewers as they team up to create a truly special India Pale Ale. This Spring Seasonal has a balanced malt foundation with a full, strong hop character. It’s loaded with bright citrus hops and a unique experimental hop brewed using a special technique called mash hopping for a clean bitterness and optimum hop flavor that brings out hints of lemon and grapefruit. Collaboration, unique ingredients and a whole lot of creativity and ingenuity will illuminate what we already know – our brewers are the heart of our brewery. Help us shine a light on these extraordinary team members by raising your glass (or bottle)… and share a Spotlight with us!

ABV: 7.3% / IBU: 60

COLOR: Deep Golden

MALTS: Maris Otter & Carapils

Bold, spicy foods such as curry, buffalo wings (with hot sauce, of course), fajitas and blackened fish, milder cheeses; blue cheese, pepper jack or gorgonzola and a sweeter dessert such as carrot cake.
Available March – April

Hunny Do

Wheat Beer

GET IT DONE! Nothing on the on-going “hunny do” list getting crossed off? That’s when your “hunny do” list becomes more of an “I’ll do it myself” list and then…BOOM…done! Time to enjoy a real Hunny Do (one that doesn’t make you cringe) – a refreshing wheat beer with a crisp honey dew melon flavor. A hazy wheat that’s subtly sweet! You’ve earned it!

ABV: 4.8% / IBU: 18

COLOR: Pale Amber

Pairs well with lighter more subtle fares such as summer salad, mozzarella cheese, lighter fish, sushi, fruit salads or citrus salsa.
Available May – July

Jack'd Up

Autumn Ale

This autumn ale incorporates flavors that will compliment autumn season celebrations and food pairings for all of the servings for a banquet. This is a traditional autumn style ale jacked up with pumpkin spices.  Six different malts combine for a mild malty taste with a perfect level of spiciness to remind you of our autumn season.

ABV: 5.4% / IBU: 30

COLOR: Dark Copper-Red

Pairing with cheeses are wide, but include sharp or mild cheddars, Swiss, Gouda, Parmesan or Dubliner Hearty and spicy main courses that may incorporate chicken, pheasant, goose, duck, turkey, ham, sausage and pork, particularly when roasted or baked Desserts would suggest non-chocolate based ones such as plain cake, almond cake, pumpkin pie, tarts, baklava, apple pie, pears, apples and apricots
Available August – October

Sugar Shack

Maple Stout

Sugar Shack Maple Stout is a truly unique brew enhanced with maple syrup harvested at the Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum and Forest. These discerning monks have given us exclusive rights (yep, that means just us) to pair their notorious sweet blend with our perfectly crafted beer. This full bodied stout has subtle but distinct hints of roasted and specialty malts. Its dark appearance is a testament to its robust nature but it is delicately balanced with sweet and hoppy notes to produce a smooth, slightly creamy stout with an insatiable pleasant maple syrup flavor. Welcome to the Sugar Shack.

ABV: 6.5% / IBU: 20

COLOR: Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark meats, roast, wild game, sausages, pot roasts, ribs, sweet cakes, chocolate, fruit cakes and vanilla ice cream for a Sugar Shack Maple Stout float
Available November – February

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