Our specialty beers are limited releases that you may or may not see us brew ever again.

Cool Beans

Imperial Coffee Porter

Cool Beans is a robust Imperial Coffee Porter brewed with coffee beans from Muggsy's Beans, a local roaster in St. Cloud, Minnesota. These Sumatra beans are cold pressed into a sweet concentrate, then combined with our roasted, chocolate malts producing a big blend you’ll soon be buzzing about. Cool Beans exhibits a rich dark brown color and a bold coffee aroma with a smooth roasted flavor. We call it Cool Beans but you’ll call this cool-laberation warm and fuzzy deliciousness.

ABV: 9.1% / IBU: 42

COLOR: Rich dark brown

MALTS: Brown Malt, Roast Barley, Chocolate Malt

Roasted or smoked food including barbecue, sausages and blackened fish. Also pairs well with chocolate peanut butter cookies or coconut bars.