Our Year Round Beers are available at liquor stores as well as on tap at many bars & restaurants.

MN Gold


We are Minnesota, Land of 10,000 lakes. If we’ve got anything up here, it’s water. And we like our water. But more than that… we like to see our water put to good use. That’s why our brewers made Minnesota Gold, to see real Minnesota water brewed into a classic, premium quality lager. So please, go ahead and crack open a can. Here in your hands is a clean taste of Minnesota, from us to you.

ABV: 4.9% / IBU: 15

COLOR: Pale Golden

MALTS: 2-row and Crystal

DRY HOPS: Columbus and Saaz

Pairs well with many foods – suggestions include: herbed chicken, light seafood, salmon, burgers & hot dogs, mild cheeses and lemon based desserts

Three Way

Pale Ale

Three Way is a sessionable pale ale with a deep golden hue and a flavor characterized by floral and citrus-like hops. The selection of three traditional and unique hops combined with three select malts creates a pleasing and balanced beer; described best by having a medium maltiness, a tropic hop character and a moderate fruitiness with hints of grapefruit, pear and a subtle spiciness. The result is a beer that is sure to be desired by many anytime, anywhere.

ABV: 5.2% / IBU: 51

COLOR: Deep Golden

MALTS: Marris Otter, Munich and Caramel

DRY HOPS: Cascade and Calypso

Seafood, pot roast, steak, burgers, blackened chicken, buffalo wings, cheddar cheese and blue cheese

Lost Trout

Brown Ale

Lost trout. It's a real problem in these parts. Legend has it this species flowed aplenty out back in the brewery creek, while others say the trout left town years ago. Where have all the trout gone? Maybe to those fancy creeks in the city, maybe to the local fish fry, or maybe - just maybe - they're living a life of crime on the streets. The legend of abundant trout in the creek seems a bit fishy, but know what isn't? Lost Trout Brown Ale. Truthfully delicious.

ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 20

COLOR: Brown

MALTS: Pale, Caramunich, and Barley

DRY HOPS: Goldings and Tettnanger

Could be wonderfully paired with a wide range of cooked and roasted meats, salted fish dishes, smoked sausages, and rich desserts.