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Third Street Brewhouse’s Free Speech Red Ale to be Released in 4-packs

COLD SPRING, MN – Third Street Brewhouse (Third Street), is pleased to announce the release of their latest year-round brew, Free Speech Red Ale – available to purchase in 4-pack, 16-oz cans, starting mid-March. With 5.5% alcohol, nutty roasted malts, moderate hop character and a caramel fringe, Free Speech Red Ale is a powerful blend of flavors. Just like the good old U.S. of A.

“Everyone I have spoken to is excited to see it return! There seems to be a huge demand for it,” said Brewhouse Manager, Karl Schmitz, when asked about the Red Ale’s expansion into cans. “A lot of people were looking for more when we did the keg release, so we decided to move the brew into full production and cans.”

Free Speech Red Ale was launched last July under a partnership between Third Street Brewhouse and Rockin’ 101’s “Steel Toe Morning Show.” The station prides itself on being a platform for free speech and encourages listeners and beer fans to raise a glass of the red ale to the First Amendment and individual liberty.
Along with their specialty and seasonal ales, Third Street has four popular signature brews on tap and in cans: Minnesota Gold Lager, Minnesota Gold Light, Hop Lift IPA, Three Way Pale Ale and Lost Trout Brown Ale.

“I love that it’s a red ale, which is something we don’t have a lot of in this market,” says Sales Manager, Jodi Peterson. “When we released Free Speech in kegs to the market it was so positive, it just confirmed our decision that expanding Free Speech to cans would be a great addition to our portfolio.”

Third Street brewers have found Free Speech to go well with barbeque, roasted vegetables and strong cheeses like sharp cheddars or feta.

So no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, we can all agree on this: freedom of speech is as American as apple pie and the fourth of July. So relax. Do your own thing. Crack open a cold one and raise it to your individual liberty.

Third Street’s tap house is open on Fridays from 4-8pm and Saturdays from 12-5pm.

Cold Spring Brewing Co. Announces Aaron Kleinschmidt as Production Manager

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Company (CSBC), the #1 producer of exclusive beer and craft beer brands for major retailers throughout the world, announced the promotion of Aaron Kleinschmidt as Production Manager.

Kleinschmidt has a rich history with CSBC spanning over a decade in production. Kleinschmidt grew up in Avon, MN and in 2005 decided to join the growing company full-time. “Joining CSBC was a no-brainer for me! It has all the gratification of working for a large corporation while still being close to home,” said Kleinschmidt. “What gets better than that?”

Before being promoted to Production Manager in March 2016, Kleinschmidt worked alongside the production and maintenance teams. In his current role as Production Manager, Kleinschmidt oversees a team of nearly 55 employees, ensuring all production operations run smoothly from start to finish. Starting with receiving the cans and materials from the distribution centers, to filling, packaging and shipping the product back to the distribution centers.

“The secret to our success is all of the hardworking dedicated people who work here,” says Kleinschmidt. “Seeing our team accomplish our productivity goals is the absolute highlight of my day! I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Cold Spring Brewing Co. Announces Robin Vettleson as Warehouse Manager

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Company (CSBC), the #1 producer of exclusive beer and craft beer brands for major retailers throughout the world, announced Robin Vettleson as Warehouse Manager.

Vettleson, who was hired to the team last December, brings strong leadership skills for team building and strategic solutions to help exceed company goals. Prior to joining CSBC, Vettleson held multiple positions in inventory and operations management at Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, MN, and most recently as Inventory Manager at Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Company in St. Cloud, MN. In addition to her impressive work background, Vettleson also holds a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Concordia College, as well as an MBA in management from the University of St. Thomas.

After a long stint in the Twin Cities, Vettleson — a Cold Spring native, and her family of five — decided to move back to the Cold Spring area, as what Vettleson describes as her contribution to her hometown. “After I developed a knack for process development, I wanted to take my talents with me back to my hometown,” said Vettleson. “It’s a way for me to be a part of the community again and to be a part of one of Cold Spring’s biggest and brightest companies.”

In her role as Warehouse Manager, Vetttleson is responsible for overseeing and documenting the company’s production process that includes a team of 18 employees – making sure the warehouse has what it needs for materials, cans and packaging. “It’s fun to work here, because it’s a very growth oriented company,” says Vettleson. “We’re always trying to work smarter, not harder.”