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Employee Spotlight – Alysse Rolfes

What does it take to get our high-quality brews off our line and into your cooler? It wouldn’t be possible without the CSBC employees who make it happen – like Alysse Rolfes, our Quality Control Manager.

Alysse is what you might call a “jack-of-all-trades.” Starting at Cold Spring Brewing Co. when she was just 20-years-old, she’s stayed with us for the past 12 years, enjoying the details that make CSBC run smoothly every day.

“I enjoy the work,” said Alysse. “It’s mentally challenging to ensure we’re delivering what our customers need. I also like the science aspect. I don’t come into work and feel like I’m just standing in a spot going through the mechanics – things are always moving and changing.”

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Alysse moved to Minnesota when she was in high school – she loved the great state so much, she decided to stick around. Since taking on the role as Quality Control Manager, she’s constantly kept an eye out for ways to challenge herself – everything from taking specs and grabbing samples off the line, to establishing customer relationships and improving team morale and training – she can do it all.

“It’s what I like,” explained Alysse. “There’s so many different components that keep you on your toes!”
When asked what she looked forward to most at her future with CSBC, she simply said opportunity.

“Right now we’re growing, which we’ve pretty much been doing at a constant rate,” Alysse continued. “From working on new projects and developing our company with our employees, it’s exciting to see what else is going to change and what will be incorporated into our facility – it’s exciting when we get to create new jobs for the local community. Everyone knows us as a staple.”

When she’s not working, Alysse can be found enjoying Minnesota’s great pastime: hockey. “I’m a huge hockey fanatic!” said Alysse. “I played hockey when I was younger, but now I just watch it – everything from peewee to pro, to college and the Canadian League.”

Spoken like a true Minnesotan.