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Employee Spotlight – Lindsay Wallace

Here at Cold Spring Brewing, we don’t just take pride in making fantastic beer – we take pride in our fantastic people. It takes a village to help make sure our innovative brews are shared with you – that’s why we’re proud to highlight Lindsay Wallace as this month’s CSBC Employee Spotlight! As a sales rep, Lindsay’s role is to create relationships with our sellers, distributors and, ultimately, our customers.

“I was a fan of Cold Spring before they were Third Street,” said Lindsay. “I was a regular Northern Honey Brown drinker and when the new brewhouse opened it provided a wider variety of high-quality craft beer that I had never seen before – there were a few other craft breweries out there but none with the variety Third Street offered.”

In his role, Lindsay has the unique opportunity to ensure our products are promoted, sampled and enjoyed by our consumers.

“I meet with owners and managers of on-premise and off-premise sales to promote our products and brewery,” explained Lindsay. “I organize events, samplings and promotions with both types of accounts to increase sales and exposure to our products. We also work with our distribution partners and their sales staff to help sell our products. In short, I go to bars, liquor stores and restaurants all day!”

His favorite part of the job? Keeping up with the changes in the industry while having the opportunity to get feedback from those who love our product most. “With the increase in consumer demand for craft beer, it makes it a lot of fun to present our products to consumers,” expressed Lindsay. “The market is constantly changing and with new breweries opening every week I enjoy the challenge of marketing our products to our sellers, distributors and ultimately our consumers. The growth of the industry provides challenges, but Third Street also has unique advantages in size which makes us very different from other local crafts.”

With the new brew season just around the corner, one thing’s for sure, Lindsay is looking forward to what distributors, and customers alike, are going to say about the new beers.

“There’s opportunity for growth with our ability to produce a large quantity of high-quality products,” said Lindsay. “I’m looking forward to an extremely busy fall and gearing up for 2020!”