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Cold Spring Brewing Company Employee Spotlight – Ronda Smith

Ronda Smith Image

Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC) has been around for quite some time, seizing every opportunity to draw in employment, new opportunities, and, of course, new beer to the region. We always love to hear about how our fans and employees find us – which is why we love the unique journey of our Shipping Distribution Center (SDC) warehouse manager, Ronda Smith.

“My journey began when my husband was asked to relocate with the company he and I both worked for,” said Ronda. “I decided it was a great time for me to be able to broaden my horizons in the food and beverage industry with a new company. I lucked out when I found Cold Spring, and I haven’t looked back.”

An Alabama native, Ronda was on the move and looking for opportunities to grow within the Cold Spring community. She found a solid foundation in Cold Spring Brewing Company. As an SDC warehouse manager, Ronda is in charge of all products being shipped out to customers while ensuring the flow of day to day operations, inventory management, and process improvement.

“Cold Spring has been around for a very long time and is well known. I felt that it would be an amazing opportunity to find a home, if you will, or somewhere to plant roots,” explained Ronda. “This company keeps growing year after year, which means that they’re doing something right.”

Ronda is a go-getter, always excited to learn new things and teach others along the way. With background in peanut butter manufacturing, she found that learning a whole new process in the brewing industry always keeps her on her toes.

“CSBC is growing exponentially, and they’re heading in the right direction,” said Ronda. “Anyone who wants to grow in the company has the opportunity, which is great for our team members. I’m excited to see where the company will end up in the future.”

When Ronda isn’t hard at work ensuring warehouse processes run smoothly, she can be found hitting the open road.

“I love spending time with my husband and children,” Ronda said. “But you can normally find me on my motorcycle.”

As we’re busy making new batches of our brews, we’re proud to have Ronda on board as an organized and positive team player. Cheers to you!