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Cold Spring Brewing Employee Spotlight – Dustin Philbrick

The “batching process” is a key part of crafting our products. It requires the right equipment, patience, time and – at the center of it all – a trusted, hardworking team. We’re grateful to all of our dedicated employees in this division – and we’re especially proud to highlight Day Shift Batching Supervisor, Dustin Philbrick, as this month’s employee spotlight! Dustin is responsible for assessing batch changes, managing the batching team and inter-department communications related to the operation.

“My day-to-day definitely varies,” said Dustin. “I’ve been here long enough to become a ‘go-to guy’ in a lot of ways, which has been a great learning experience.”

Born and raised in Benson, Minnesota, Dustin joined the Navy following high school. After five years of service, he briefly attended St. Cloud State University. However, he decided that he wanted to do something different – and the idea of working at a brewery was very appealing. In 2005, Dustin decided to join the Cold Spring Brewing Company – and he’s been working with us to make great brews ever since.

“I always thought it would be really cool to work at a brewery,” Dustin explained. “Although, I definitely thought I’d be working with beer – as it turned out, I ended up working a lot more with the energy drinks!”

In his fast-paced role, Dustin works as a supervisor for batching a variety of energy drinks and seltzers. As batching supervisor, Dustin’s role is two-fold. First, he oversees 22 people across three different batching departments in two separate buildings. He is in charge of training new, and existing, employees to work with the new equipment, helps purchase items needed for employees to complete their duties safely and efficiently, and conducts performance reviews. Secondly, he is a subject matter expert in properly batching those delicious energy drinks.

“The role can certainly be challenging,” said Dustin. “For a while, I was in charge of the day shift and night shift, and now we have three supervisors almost trained in three different batching departments. Effectively communicating at multiple levels is always a challenge, but rewarding when you get it right.”

Working through the ranks of the company, Dustin has gained a strong understanding of the importance of effective management. When employees have the leadership, resources and education they need – everyone wins.

“I like to use my previous experience from previous roles at the Brewhouse to help others because we’re stronger together,” explained Dustin. “My role is kind of like an event coordinator

for people and our process, and I work hard to take ownership to ensure our processes run smoothly.”

When asked about what he looks forward to most for the future of Cold Spring Brewing, Dustin expressed his excitement for the upcoming infrastructure changes.

“There are so many construction projects underway,” said Dustin. “We currently have four production lines and we’re building a fifth – it’s stressful at times but cool to learn new skills that will help grow our infrastructure.”

What does Dustin love most about working at a brewery? Simply, the culture of great people.

“I’m grateful for all the people who contributed to the team,” expressed Dustin. “I don’t feel like there is this divide between employees and management. Everyone has each other’s backs or best interests in mind – we have a great culture here.”

When he’s not keeping busy in his role of day shift batching supervisor, Dustin is a true fan of a good brew. He even keeps a keg of Third Street’s Lake State Brown Ale at home.

“I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and cats, and playing the occasional round of golf,” said Dustin. “And of course, having a brew or two.”