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Cold Spring Brewing Employee Spotlight – Linda Heinen

Here at Cold Spring Brewing Company, we strive to ensure that each and every batch of brew tastes perfect before they hit the market. That’s why, this month, we’re raising our glasses to our Brewhouse Quality Control Technician, Linda Heinen! Linda works hard to ensure our brews are crafted to perfection before they are packaged up and shipped out to liquor stores.

As the quality control technician, Linda is one of the last people to verify the product is ready to send out to the customer. Her technical role assures that the brews being produced are crafted with exceptional quality.

“I test the fermentation tanks for alcohol content and other specifications, plate for microorganisms and calibrate any equipment we use,” explained Linda. “My role ensures each batch of brew complies with quality standards and the microbiology of the beer is fit for market, so our customers can expect a high-quality product every time.”

Born and raised in Cold Spring, Linda graduated from Rocori High School and later went on to graduate from St. Cloud State University. Looking to stay in the area, Linda was seeking local work when she stumbled upon Cold Spring Brewing Company.

“I was familiar with Cold Spring Brewing Company and I thought it would be a good fit,” said Linda. “I’ve been in quality control from the start, first working in the production quality control lab and now I’ve recently made the switch to the brewhouse quality control technician role.”

Linda has been with the company for nine and a half years – so if you’ve had one of our brews in the past nine years, you can thank her for helping your Third Street favorites make it from final quality check to your glass!

When asked about the most interesting aspect of the brewing industry, Linda said she likes the pace and how the craft brew industry is evolving.

“Even though I’ve been in this business for a while, I’m still learning new and interesting things about the industry!” said Linda. “I like how things are constantly changing.”

When Linda isn’t hard at work making sure all of our brews are of the utmost quality, she enjoys spending her free time like any true Minnesotan – being outdoors. Whether it’s traveling, camping, hiking or biking, Linda makes sure to find time to get outside whenever she can.

Cheers to you, Linda!