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Cold Spring Brewing Employee Spotlight – Sara Braegelmann

At our Cold Spring Brewing Company production floor, it takes a lot of moving parts to ensure each and every batch of our brews are properly packaged, codes are scanned and reports are accurate before our cases get the “green light” to go to market. It takes an outstanding leader to make sure operations run smoothly which is why, this month, we’re raising our glasses to our outstanding production lead, Sara Braegelmann!

Originally from the Cold Spring area, Sara’s journey with Cold Spring Brewing Company began in 2019.

“At the time, I was looking for a more steady job and Cold Spring Brewing Company’s temp service reached out to me,” expressed Sara. “When I started, I was working on the line and learning how to use the machines. Later that year, the production facility acquired new machines which meant they needed employees to provide training – so they offered me a production lead position and I accepted!”

As production lead, Sara is responsible for leading daily meetings with her team, where she discusses how the team performed the day before, assesses any changes that need to be made to production processes and educates on the proper use of equipment and operator safety.

“After our morning meetings, my team heads to the production floor where I communicate with my forklift drivers on where to pull products from,” explained Sara. “Another part of my job involves taking our LPNs – our license plate numbers that tell us what product is which – and scanning reports using the codes. These codes have all the information about our product. I scan our reports at the end of my shift, make sure they are accurate, and send them to inventory and the supervisors, ensuring everyone is informed about what’s going on in the production side of things.”

What does Sara enjoy most about the craft brew biz? The endless opportunities.

“One thing I enjoy most about this business is that there are a lot of opportunities,” said Sara. “I always tell my crew, ‘don’t be afraid if you want to try something new’, if you want to learn a new process or try something new, you have the chance to do that here. There’s plenty of opportunities to move up and I think, with how the company has been expanding, it shows we’re moving in the right direction.”

When she’s not busy leading her team or ensuring our production facilities are operating efficiently, Sara embraces any opportunity she has for adventure.

“In my free time I like to travel, hang out with family and friends, watch sports – especially football and baseball – hike, really anything spontaneous!” expressed Sara.

Thank you for all you do, Sara, cheers to you!