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Cold Spring Brewing Employee Spotlight – Kelsey Kneisl

When you stop at your local liquor store to pick up a crisp, cold pack of your favorite Third Street Brew, you might not be aware of what goes on behind the scenes to get that beverage from our facilities to your fridge, which is why our team is grateful to have outstanding leaders who help manage all shipments coming to and from our operations. This month, we’re proud to feature a key player from our warehouse team, Kelsey Kneisl!

A Cold Spring native, Kelsey was born and raised in the area and has been working with Cold Spring Brewing Company for the past five years. As the Warehouse Manager of two warehouses, Kelsey has been an integral part of ensuring our shipment process flows smoothly,

“The main part of my role is helping with the receiving, storage and distribution of all supplies, products and raw materials that come in or go out of our facilities,” explained Kelsey. “Providing direction to the warehouse personnel to ensure the most efficient and timely response to all requests from production, customers or other departments of the company. Everything that comes from this warehouse we manage, along with the inventory.”

In a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, Kelsey enjoys seeing how the operations have changed and is curious about what brews are currently “flying off the shelves”.

“Over the past five years that I’ve been here, I find that the warehouse is constantly changing,” said Kelsey. “Every day is fast-paced, one day we might have 160 loads going out and 72 coming in, the next day it might be more! It makes me truly grateful to work with such a great team who helps ensure our warehouse operations run like clockwork.”

As Kelsey looks towards the future of Cold Spring Brewing Company, she anticipates exciting opportunities for growth and development.

“I’m just excited for us to continue to grow,” expressed Kelsey. “Over the past few years we’ve added new products, hit record numbers and consistently proven that we can hit volumes, so I look forward to seeing where the market trends take us. And, of course, the high shipping numbers that correlate with it.”

When Kelsey isn’t busy being a rockstar warehouse manager, she enjoys spending time with her husband and step-daughter, playing sand volleyball with friends in the summer and time off at the lake. Thank you for all you do, Kelsey, cheers!