Polly Perkins and David Christianson are certified in the MN Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) to protect and preserve Minnesota’s water resources. Polly and David own L’Etoile du Nord Vineyard near Miltona in Douglas County.

As part of their commitment to improving water quality through the MAWQCP, Polly and David have planted vegetative buffers along surface waters on their property and along Lake Irene, part of the headwaters of the Long Prairie River. Polly and David are in the process of converting more corn acres into vineyard acres or permanent vegetative cover. Their nutrient management program is within University of Minnesota nutrient rate suggestions, and they manage insects and plant diseases in the vineyard with strategic Integrated Pest Management practices. Weeds are managed with row cultivation in the vineyard and corn acres, and areas between grape rows are permanently vegetated.  

Third Street Brewhouse is proud to partner with the MAWQCP to recognize local farmers for the great work they are doing to protect our local water resources. As a sign of our support and appreciation, we’re happy to provide each certified farmer with a Minnesota Gold sign and case of beer.

Learn more about MAWQCP by visiting http://www.mda.state.mn.us/awqcp