Russell Peterson of Grove City, MN has demonstrated his commitment to improving water quality on his land by becoming certified in the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP).

Russell operates a 289-acre farm with a diverse crop rotation consisting of barley, alfalfa hay, corn and soybeans. His farm also raises beef (20 cow and calf pairs) and sheep (20 ewe and lamb pairs), utilizing a prescribed grazing program on pasture acres that includes four paddocks. Each paddock is grazed for one week followed by a three-week rest period to allow for vegetative regrowth. He has also planted vegetative buffers along waterways and closed all open tile intakes to reduce sediment and nutrient transport potential. Russell’s nutrient management program follows University of Minnesota rate suggestions when applying livestock manure and supplemental fertilizer.

Lastly, Russell utilizes a reduced tillage program to maintain crop residue cover and works with local agricultural retailers for pest management control on his cropland acres.

Third Street Brewhouse is proud to partner with the MAWQCP to recognize local farmers for the great work they are doing to protect our local water resources. As a sign of our support and appreciation, we’re happy to provide each certified farmer with a Minnesota Gold sign and case of beer.

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