Schlichting Farms and Prairie Farm Company of Rice, MN became certified in the MN Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) to protect water resources on and around the farm. Schlichting Farms and Prairie Farm Company operate a combined acreage of 6,811 acres with a crop rotation consisting of corn, edible beans and potato and Conservation Reserve Program acres. Schlichting Farms also finish approximately 3,300 head of swine and farrow 1,250 sows a year.

To manage water quality, Schlichting Farms added vegetative buffers along waterways and currently follow a nutrient management program that aligns with University of Minnesota rate suggestions when applying livestock manure and supplemental fertilizer. They take care to apply nutrients at times which maximize nitrogen use by the planned crops and have implemented Integrated Pest Management practices to manage weeds, insects and plant diseases. Cover crops are planted after edible bean and potato harvest to maintain vegetative cover which reduces erosion and promotes soil health, and Schlichting Farms plans to leave corn stalks untilled in the fall after harvest.

Third Street Brewhouse is proud to partner with the MAWQCP to recognize local farmers for the great work they are doing to protect our local water resources. As a sign of our support and appreciation, we’re happy to provide each certified farmer with a Minnesota Gold sign and case of beer.

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