Employee Spotlight – Lindsay Wallace

Here at Cold Spring Brewing, we don’t just take pride in making fantastic beer – we take pride in our fantastic people. It takes a village to help make sure our innovative brews are shared with you – that’s why we’re proud to highlight Lindsay Wallace as this month’s CSBC Employee Spotlight! As a sales rep, Lindsay’s role is to create relationships with our sellers, distributors and, ultimately, our customers.

“I was a fan of Cold Spring before they were Third Street,” said Lindsay. “I was a regular Northern Honey Brown drinker and when the new brewhouse opened it provided a wider variety of high-quality craft beer that I had never seen before – there were a few other craft breweries out there but none with the variety Third Street offered.”

In his role, Lindsay has the unique opportunity to ensure our products are promoted, sampled and enjoyed by our consumers.

“I meet with owners and managers of on-premise and off-premise sales to promote our products and brewery,” explained Lindsay. “I organize events, samplings and promotions with both types of accounts to increase sales and exposure to our products. We also work with our distribution partners and their sales staff to help sell our products. In short, I go to bars, liquor stores and restaurants all day!”

His favorite part of the job? Keeping up with the changes in the industry while having the opportunity to get feedback from those who love our product most. “With the increase in consumer demand for craft beer, it makes it a lot of fun to present our products to consumers,” expressed Lindsay. “The market is constantly changing and with new breweries opening every week I enjoy the challenge of marketing our products to our sellers, distributors and ultimately our consumers. The growth of the industry provides challenges, but Third Street also has unique advantages in size which makes us very different from other local crafts.”

With the new brew season just around the corner, one thing’s for sure, Lindsay is looking forward to what distributors, and customers alike, are going to say about the new beers.

“There’s opportunity for growth with our ability to produce a large quantity of high-quality products,” said Lindsay. “I’m looking forward to an extremely busy fall and gearing up for 2020!”

Employee Spotlight – Alysse Rolfes

What does it take to get our high-quality brews off our line and into your cooler? It wouldn’t be possible without the CSBC employees who make it happen – like Alysse Rolfes, our Quality Control Manager.

Alysse is what you might call a “jack-of-all-trades.” Starting at Cold Spring Brewing Co. when she was just 20-years-old, she’s stayed with us for the past 12 years, enjoying the details that make CSBC run smoothly every day.

“I enjoy the work,” said Alysse. “It’s mentally challenging to ensure we’re delivering what our customers need. I also like the science aspect. I don’t come into work and feel like I’m just standing in a spot going through the mechanics – things are always moving and changing.”

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Alysse moved to Minnesota when she was in high school – she loved the great state so much, she decided to stick around. Since taking on the role as Quality Control Manager, she’s constantly kept an eye out for ways to challenge herself – everything from taking specs and grabbing samples off the line, to establishing customer relationships and improving team morale and training – she can do it all.

“It’s what I like,” explained Alysse. “There’s so many different components that keep you on your toes!”
When asked what she looked forward to most at her future with CSBC, she simply said opportunity.

“Right now we’re growing, which we’ve pretty much been doing at a constant rate,” Alysse continued. “From working on new projects and developing our company with our employees, it’s exciting to see what else is going to change and what will be incorporated into our facility – it’s exciting when we get to create new jobs for the local community. Everyone knows us as a staple.”

When she’s not working, Alysse can be found enjoying Minnesota’s great pastime: hockey. “I’m a huge hockey fanatic!” said Alysse. “I played hockey when I was younger, but now I just watch it – everything from peewee to pro, to college and the Canadian League.”

Spoken like a true Minnesotan.

Third Street Brewhouse Introduces New Beer – JHB IPA An Experimental Journey in Craft Brewing Gone Oh-So-Right

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC) and Third Street Brewhouse are pushing the craft brewing industry in a new and innovative direction with their Juicy Hazy Brut IPA (JHB) which is available on tap and on shelves now.


“When we set out to make JHB, we wanted to create something completely unique in the craft beer market,” said Karl Schmitz, Brewhouse Manager. “Juicy IPAs are everywhere. Everyone has a Hazy. Brut IPAs are hitting the market with impressive results. With some trial and error, we combined three contrasting styles for something pretty spectacular.” 

The Third Street Brewhouse team is willing to bet that JHB is unlike anything craft beer lovers have ever tasted. It’s juicy and fruity with hints of mango and passionfruit on the forefront but has a dry finish. This juxtaposition of styles presents more than a beer – JHB is an all-encompassing experience from start to finish.

Denali, Mosaic and Ekuanat hops give JHB the prominent hop flavor of an IPA without overpowering the brew’s subtle complexity. 2row, Vienna and Carapils malts combine to give JHB a hazy but pale and golden color. Give it a try. Be amazed. Fall in love. JHB has an ABV of 6.4% and an IBU of 55.

JHB is currently available on tap at many locations in Minnesota. 12-pack cases of 12oz cans can also be available at liquor stores. For more information about Third Street Brewhouse and the rest of Third Street Brewhouse’s craft beer lineup, please visit www.thirdstreetbrewhouse.com

Third Street Brewhouse is the craft beer division of Cold Spring Brewing Company. With an outstanding array of year-round craft beers, unique seasonal brews and innovative spiked seltzer waters, Third Street Brewhouse is taking Minnesota craft brewing to another level. In 2016, their first Oktoberfest was ranked #2 in Paste Magazine’s top 55 Oktoberfest/Märzen style beers. Third Street Brewhouse brews are available in liquor stores and bars, as well as at the Third Street Brewhouse Taproom in Cold Spring, MN.

Employee Spotlight – Olivia Ward

From keeping our orders straight to ensuring our product licensing is always in order, we couldn’t do what we do without Olivia (Liv) Ward, our Beer and Alcohol Compliance Coordinator.

Liv manages all behind-the-scenes order processes for CSBC’s alcoholic beverages. From solidifying order amounts to tracking orders, getting the necessary paperwork and meeting license and fee deadlines, Liv works to make sure all CSBC and Third Street Brewhouse processes are completed as efficiently as possible.

“There’s never a dull day around here,” Liv said. “There’s always something new coming out or changing, and I’m always busy staying one step ahead of it all so we can process each product smoothly. It may sound chaotic, but that’s what makes this job fun!”

As a central Minnesota native, Liv had known about Third Street Brewhouse, its great brews and CSBC’s commitment to the community for years before joining the company. When she heard that CSBC was hiring for this role, she knew it was time to leave her days of medical billing behind and join the team.

Liv started working with CSBC last year. Her deep involvement with the backend side of the process has grown her appreciation for the company’s large growth potential.

“I’m really excited about CSBC’s growth as a company. Since I started, we’ve been moving along a steady upward trajectory. It’s been an exciting time to be on the team, and I look forward to seeing where we go next.”

When she’s not working, Liv enjoys spending time outside enjoying Minnesota’s fresh air with her friends.

Third Street Brewhouse Releases Two New Brews: Peach Tree Lager and Sun Setter Blueberry Shandy

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC) and Third Street Brewhouse are excited to debut two fruit-forward new brews for the summer season: Peach Tree Lager and Sun Setter Blueberry Shandy are currently available on tap and will be available in 12oz. cans in the next few weeks.

“Our Brewhouse team is always experimenting with new techniques and flavors, and we landed on two exciting new brews this year,” said Karl Schmitz, Brewhouse Manager. “Peach Tree takes lagers to a new level, and Sun Setter Blueberry Shandy marries blueberries with a hint of lemon for a refreshing, everyday shandy.”.

Peach Tree Lager joins Third Street Brewhouse’s year-round beer lineup and will be available in 12oz. cans. This lager is brewed with 2 Row and C60 malts, Zeus, Hersbrucker and Willamette hops and fresh, delicious peach flavor for a unique beer that is light and sweet

Peach Tree has an ABV of 4.0% and pairs nicely with seafood, grilled pork, summer salads and long evenings spent laughing with great company.
If you’re looking for an excellent new beer to enjoy this summer, Sun Setter Blueberry Shandy fits the bill. This seasonal brew will only be available through the summer months, so be sure to enjoy it while supplies last. Brewed with 2 Row, C45 and White Wheat malts, Tettnager hops and fresh blueberry flavor, Sun Setter has a beautiful purple hue. This brew is slightly sweet and unexpectedly complex – perfect for enjoying while sitting around a bonfire and watching the sunset.

Sun Setter has an ABV of 4.2%.

Peach Tree Lager and Sun Setter Blueberry Shandy are now available on tap at many locations in Minnesota. 12-pack cases of 12oz. cans will also be available at liquor stores in the coming weeks. For more information about Third Street Brewhouse, Peach Tree Lager, Sun Setter Blueberry Shandy and the rest of Third Street Brewhouse’s craft beer lineup, please visit www.thirdstreetbrewhouse.com.

Third Street Brewhouse is the craft beer division of Cold Spring Brewing Company. With an outstanding craft beer lineup, unique seasonal brews and innovative spiked seltzer waters, Third Street Brewhouse is taking Minnesota craft beer to another level. In 2016, their first Oktoberfest was ranked #2 in Paste Magazine’s top 55 Oktoberfest/Märzen style beers. Third Street Brewhouse brews are available in liquor stores and bars, as well as at the Third Street Brewhouse Taproom in Cold Spring, MN.

Cold Spring Brewing Co. Adds Warehousing Capacity with New Lease

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC), leading beverage producer for major retailers throughout the world, is pleased to announce the expansion of the company’s warehouse capacity with the addition of a leased 300,000+ square foot space. This additional capacity brings CSBC’s total warehousing capacity to over one million square feet.

“This new space is an excellent addition to CSBC’s facilities, and the opportunity arose at the perfect time” said Scott Bender, General Manager at CSBC. “The additional 300,000+ square feet of warehousing space will allow us to meet growing client demands and create high-quality jobs in the region.”

CSBC has entered into a five-year lease agreement to rent the former Creative Memories manufacturing space near Saint Cloud just off of I-94. The facility includes 20,000 square feet of office space and a fully air-conditioned manufacturing area with 31’ clear height.

The expanded warehousing capacity will allow CSBC to add over 100 new jobs for forklift drivers, production staff, warehouse staff and more. Interested applicants are invited to visit www.coldspringbrewery.com/careers for details on available positions and to submit an application. CSBC is proud to be able to bring more jobs and economic support to the same community they have been a part of for over 145 years.

CSBC has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. In 2018, CSBC became part of the Carolina Beverage Group, expanding CSBC’s national footprint. The same year, CSBC opened a 300,000 square-foot facility in Cold Spring to expand manufacturing and shipping capacity, and the company has already maximized production and outgrown this space.

“We’re looking forward to growing our team and increasing our production capabilities in this new space,” continued Bender.

CSBC is committed to supporting regional economic development by offering competitive, high-quality jobs in a variety of areas. Visit www.coldspringbrewery.com/careers for more information on available positions.

Top Third Street Brewhouse Beers Now Available in 12oz Cans

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC), leading beverage producer for major retailers throughout the world, is pleased to announce that Third Street Brewhouse, the company’s craft beer division, will be moving their line of craft beers to 12oz cans available in 12-packs. This marks a significant shift from the current 16oz, 4-pack packaging available today. Available in stores now are fan favorites Hop Lift IPA and Hunny Do Wheat Beer in 12oz cans.

“We are very excited to be shifting to 12oz cans in 12-packs,” said Karl Schmitz, Brewhouse Manager. “This is a more economical choice for Third Street Brewhouse and, more importantly, our customers. We want our customers to have access to easily portable and sharable packs of their favorite Third Street Brewhouse brews.”

Hop Lift IPA has been one of Third Street Brewhouse’s most in-demand beers since it hit shelves in 2016. Hop Lift is a bold India Pale Ale brewed with over 600 pounds of hops in every tank. To create Hop Lift’s distinctly hoppy flavor, Third Street Brewhouse brews it with a blend of Ekuanot, Glacier and Bravo hops. Hop Lift is available year round and has an ABV of 6.2%.

Hunny Do Wheat Beer is a hazy wheat beer brewed with honeydew melon flavor. This summer seasonal beer is available annually starting in early spring through July. Hunny Do is a refreshing wheat beer with a crisp and subtly sweet hint of honeydew melon. Hunny Do is available seasonally and has an ABV of 4.8%.

Hop Lift and Hunny Do are now available in their new sizes and Third Street Brewhouse plans to release a few other beers in the new size later in the year – Free Speech, Oktoberfest and Sugar Shack will be available in 12oz cans and 12-packs beginning in late summer and fall of 2019.

Sun Seeker Shandy, another Third Street Brewhouse summer seasonal brew, will also be hitting shelves to help us kickoff spring and some warmer weather. This light, refreshing brew with a hint of lemon is available annually starting in early spring through August. Look for Hop Lift, Hunny Do and Sun Seeker Shandy in 12oz cans and 12-packs available now, and find other Third Street Brewhouse favorites in stores and on tap now.

CSBC Employee Spotlight- Jennifer Hartz

Jennifer HartzCOLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC) is a major beverage producer for leading retailers throughout the world. Third Street Brewhouse is their craft beer division. They are pleased to announce this month’s employee spotlight: Jennifer Hartz, Batching Manager. In this role, Jennifer oversees several batching departments, from pre-weigh batching to the four production lines.

“No two days are ever the same in this job,” explained Jennifer. “I run different departments, and each one has challenges – things happen that you can never predict! But I love the challenges. They’re my favorite part.”

Jennifer joined the CSBC team in 2017 as a Production Manager and was quickly promoted to RDC Manager and finally Batching Manager due to her drive, experience and success. She leans on her strong background in management to keep all the departments operating smoothly. The end result – seeing customers enjoy the final products she helped create – fills Jennifer with pride for her team’s hard work.

“It’s neat to be able to have a little ownership of the products,” said Jennifer. “Whenever I see someone drinking Minnesota Gold Light or an energy drink we make, I think to myself, ‘Hey, I work for that company. I helped with that!’ It’s a great experience that is unique to CSBC.”

Looking to the future of CSBC, Jennifer feels that the company is set up for success. Just in her year and a half at the company, she has seen it grow and she thinks this positive trend will continue well into the future.

“It’s a really exciting time for the company,” continued Jennifer. “It’s just getting bigger and better every day!”

Jennifer hails from Rockford, Minnesota, but hasn’t lived in the region for her whole life, as traveling is one of her passions. She spent eight years visiting other parts of the country before returning to Minnesota and taking the role of Plant Supervisor at Forsman Farms, an egg processing plant in Howard Lake, where she worked before joining the CSBC team.

When she’s not working, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her daughter and her dog. Her happiest place is outside in the woods, whether she’s camping, hiking, fishing or hunting.

CSBC Employee Spotlight- Chad McCarney

Chad McCarneyCOLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC), the #1 producer of exclusive beer and craft beer brands for major retailers throughout the world, is pleased to announce this month’s employee spotlight: Chad McCarney, Dayshift Production Manager.

As a central Minnesota native, Chad has a deep familiarity with the long and rich tradition of the historic brewery in Cold Spring. This background is one of the reasons he was drawn to CSBC as a career.

“CSBC has always been a leader in giving back to the community,” Chad said. “Learning more about the growth of the company over the past several years and the opportunities that growth can present made it an enticing fit as a place to begin a new career path for me.”

Chad began his role at CSBC in the Process Improvement department, and shortly thereafter took a position as Dayshift Production Manager. In this role, Chad has responsibility for all things happening in the main manufacturing plant. This includes scheduling employees’ time and equipment, maintaining a safe work environment by ensuring everyone follows procedures and policies, striving to produce products of the highest quality specifications and delivering products to fulfill customer orders.

While Chad has only worked at CSBC for a few months, he says it has been a great opportunity for him to learn as he goes.

“It presents its own unique challenges in all the different products and configurations that we make. The speed at which the production lines run for some of the products is amazing,” he continued. “Working in manufacturing, regardless of where it is, is challenging and exciting because no two days are ever alike.”

Looking forward, Chad sees an opportunity for continued growth for all employees at CSBC, explaining, “As CSBC continues to grow to meet customer demand, there will be opportunities for employees to continue to expand their skill sets and take on new roles with additional responsibilities.”

Founded in 1874, Cold Spring Brewing Company has remained a fixture in the little Minnesota town that inspired its name for more than a century. Today, the company employs over 400 people throughout its brewery and beverage product development and production facility that includes Third Street Brewhouse. Third Street Brewhouse is a craft beer division of the company.

Third Street’s year-round beers are available at liquor stores, as well as on tap at many bars and restaurants. Fan favorites include our craft staples Minnesota Gold Lager, Minnesota Gold Light, Hop Lift IPA, Lost Trout Brown Ale, Free Speech Red Ale and 2018 new product HULA Spiked Seltzer. They also enjoy seasonal and specialty beers including Sun Seeker Shandy, Hunny Do Wheat Beer and Cool Beans Imperial Coffee Porter.


Cold Spring Brewing Co. and Third Street Brewhouse Donate Over $36K for Local Charities and Organizations

COLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Co. (CSBC) and Third Street Brewhouse continue to give back to the community by donating over $36,000 for local charities and organizations so far this year. CSBC is proud to support the community through the “Taps That Give Back” program and donations to several local events, charities, clubs and organizations.

“We are proud to have continued our charitable giving efforts this year, again raising thousands of dollars through our events and donations for local organizations,” said Maranda Theisen, Third Street Brewhouse Taproom Manager. “We’re simply astonished at the results. It’s great to give back to so many worthy organizations in our community.”

CSBC’s Taps That Give Back Taproom Takeovers are held by charitable organizations at the Third Street Brewhouse Taproom. Third Street Brewhouse staffs and promotes the event and brings in a live band. The entire community is welcome to attend and support organizations that are making a difference. All beer proceeds are donated to the organization sponsoring the event.

In addition to the Taps That Give Back program, CSBC’s charitable efforts this year include donating over $4,500 in silent auction items and a sponsorship of $5,000 to the St. Cloud Bottom Feeders Rugby Club to support the team. CSBC was also a presenting sponsor for Firefest 2018, providing several varieties of beer and HULA Spiked Seltzer at cost – a donation over $3,300.

This year to date, CSBC and Third Street Brewhouse have donated over $36,000 in beer proceeds and product to the following local organizations:

  • American Cancer Society (Pints for Pink)
  • Assumption Nursing Home
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MN
  • Boniball
  • Church of St. Boniface and St. Boniface School
  • Cold Spring Area Historical Society
  • Cold Spring Area Maennerchor
  • Cold Spring Baseball Association
  • Firefest 2018
  • MS150 – National MS Society
  • River Lakes Figure Skating Club
  • River Park Community Foundation (Firefighter’s Splash Pad – CS)
  • Rocori Lacrosse Association
  • Rocori Senior Center
  • Rocori Spartans Booster Club
  • Saint John’s Outdoor U
  • Saints Peter and Paul School
  • Sauk River Chain of Lakes Association
  • St. Cloud Bottom Feeders Rugby Club
  • Stearns History Museum
  • U.S. Navy Chiefs

For more information about Taps That Give Back, or to request a Taproom Takeover event for your organization, please contact Maranda Theisen, Third Street Brewhouse Taproom Manager at mtheisen@coldspringbrewingco.com.