Cold Spring Brewing Company, Greg Liesch honored with the 2016 Felix Anderson Award

greg-lieschCOLD SPRING, MN – Cold Spring Brewing Company, Utilities Specialist, Greg Liesch was awarded the 2016 Felix Anderson Award from RETA (Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association).

Liesch has been with Cold Spring Brewing Company (CSBC) for nearly 10 years. Liesch is the head of the Utilities Specialist department and actively serves on the Safety Committee. He considers himself a tradesman with great skill in NH3, CO2, N2O, N, compressed air, process welding and fabrication.

CSBC operates an ammonia system for production of beer and energy drinks in their Cold Spring Minnesota facility. “The ammonia system is one of my favorite parts of my job,” said Liesch. “It’s challenging and rewarding at that same time. This award reflects my ability to train and quickly understand new systems and my extensive years of troubleshooting as a heavy equipment mechanic.” The ammonia system has over 1400 hp of installed screw and reciprocating compressors providing filler, batching and storage cooling for the entire brewery.

Liesch championed a project whereby CSBC was able to systematically reduce process hot water to the fermenters, retrofit the fermenters to modern technology, and greatly reduce electrical consumption from the ammonia system by significantly increasing operating suction pressure year round.

Since completion, the project has been able to reduce:

  • Water usage by over 5,000,000 gallons per year
  • Electrical consumption by over 950,000 kilowatt hours per year and 120 kilowatt demand
  • Reduce natural gas demand by 5,100 dekatherms annually

The project reduction savings have garnered energy conservation rebates of over $11,000 for natural gas and over $42,000 savings.

Liesch has been a member of Northern Plains Chapter of RETA for a little over four years and also serves on the RETA national board membership committee.

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