Cold Spring Brewing Employee Spotlight – Angela Zumwalde

While we love our barley, hops and malts, the ingredient that makes our craft brews so special is our outstanding employees. Our team is made up of people who love a good challenge and who are passionate about finding the best processes for crafting, batching, packaging and distributing our products. While no two days are the same at the brewery, having strategic leaders who we can trust certainly helps make the operations run smoothly. This month, we’re proud to feature our energetic, fun-loving line lead, Angie Zumwalde as our employee spotlight.

Originally from Richmond, Angie started out as a temp for Cold Spring Brewing Company in. Eventually, she worked her way up the chain to become a skillful and experienced line lead.

“I was fortunate to gain a lot of great experience working as a temp before becoming a line lead,” expressed Angie. “Being a line lead is right up my alley as it consists of creating training documents for machines, working in production operations, capturing data and creating tools to make tasks and processes as easy as possible for other leads and operators.”

Working primarily in the packaging facilities, Angie sees every challenge as an opportunity where she can help streamline processes for others.

“My role changes day to day,” Angie explained. “A lot of assignments and projects are long-term, there are processes that need to be reevaluated for additional clarification, color coding for new machines and updates to the training program that I’ve been writing as well. Overall, my goal is to create a visual association with the operations and make it as simple as possible for the rest of the team. When I walked into the facility and see a machine I’ve never worked with, I look at if from the angle of ‘how can I simplify this?’”

One of the aspects that Angie values most about Cold Spring Brewing Company is the inclusive, family culture.

“The craft brew industry is just like a big, extended family,” Angie said. “One of my favorite things to do is road-trip around the country to different breweries and, no matter where I go, I always try to bring a few cases of our Cold Spring brews to share!”

When asked what she is most excited about for the future of Cold Spring Brewing Company, she can’t wait to dig into the numbers to see how processes have improved from 2020.

“I’m a bit of a nerd for numbers and one of the things I enjoy doing most is data collection,” expressed Angie. “I do a lot of processes in Excel, and I have a full year’s worth of data from the projects we’ve completed in 2020. I’m really looking forward to seeing how we’ve improved processes as we move into a new year.”

If life as a line lead and road-tripping beer connoisseur doesn’t keep Angie busy enough, she is also taking classes to become a vet surgeon at the University of Minnesota in addition to keeping busy on her new 60-acre farm with her rescue dog, Waco. Thank you for all you do, Angie, cheers!

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