Cold Spring Brewing Employee Spotlight – Heather Hallila

In the food and drink industry, it takes a village to ensure all products are compliant with local, state and federal regulations. There are permits that need passing, weekly testing, proper policies and procedures to follow, and more. All this before our tasty brews can be batched and shipped to a liquor store near you! So, who is responsible for getting the compliance ball rolling? Our outstanding Compliance Manager, Heather Hallila of course! This month, we’re raising our glasses to Heather, who is an integral part of ensuring our brewhouse is up to regulatory standards and in tip-top shape.

As compliance manager, Heather prepares audits, files taxes and ensures all our TSB permits and bonds are current. She also works with Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau- regulated alcohol permitting groups and customers on the alcohol approval process, prepares and reviews brewhouse policies and procedures, and audits our internal processes for our production and warehouse facilities. If one thing’s for certain, Heather’s role keeps her busy!

“This summer, I will have been employed with Cold Spring for twenty years,” said Heather. “Before starting my position as Compliance Manager, I previously worked in quality control, customer service, scheduling and planning at the brewery.”

Originally from Buffalo, MN, Heather’s start with Cold Spring began when she started college at St. Cloud State University.

“Attending college at SCSU, I had been to Cold Spring a few times as it was close by. It seemed like a cozy little town, inviting. A place you could settle down,” expressed Heather. “After just finishing college with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, my family and I attended the annual ‘Cold Spring Days’ and made a stop at the brewery to try a few of the beers. I met the president, at the time, and started chatting about if they had any lab positions open. At the time, they didn’t have anyone in the role, so he asked me when I could start. I guess it was fate!”

A craft brew fan herself, it’s no surprise that being part of the innovation which drives our
brewery’s flavors is one of Heather’s favorite perks of the job.

“One of the most interesting things about working in a brewery is seeing how new products and types of drinks are constantly emerging,” said Heather. “New flavors, new ideas, new concepts, it’s exciting to be part of the process.”

When Heather looks at Cold Spring’s future, she sees the potential for growth, looking forward to what the “next big thing” is going to be in the industry.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how we grow and evolve, running products that are delicious, innovative, and of course, high-quality,” expressed Heather. “In the twenty years that I’ve worked at the brewery I’ve seen so much change, growth and promise for the future. It’s very exciting and I feel fortunate to be able to grow and change alongside Cold Spring Brewing Company.”

When she’s not busy being a rock star Compliance Manager, Heather loves working on DIY projects around the house, gardening, reading and writing. Cheers to you, Heather!

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