Employee Spotlight – Tim Court

We don’t just prioritize making great beer for our customers, we prioritize the safety of our employees every step of the way. That’s why we’re proud to feature a key player from our safety management crew: Tim Court.

Tim has lived in the Cold Spring area most of his life, enjoying everything the great Minnesota outdoors has to offer.

“My parents moved to rural St. Joseph (from St. Cloud) when I was in grade school and I’ve spent the better part of my life enjoying the outdoor recreation this area has to offer,” said Tim. “I married a Cold Spring girl; we have three daughters and we live just a short drive north of town.”

After working for many years in another industry, Tim was ready for a career shift. He was drawn to CSBC for many reasons, including a great workplace, a focus on safety, proximity to home and the flexibility to support his family’s needs. Working in safety management at CSBC, Tim helps create a positive, comfortable and safe environment for his fellow employees.

“Safety management is all about being available as a resource and providing the tools necessary to support employee and business development in a safe and effective way,” said Tim. “Getting people to take a personal approach to safety is paramount in building a safe culture and in building safety into our everyday life.”

Tim deeply enjoys working at CSBC, tying his satisfaction back to the company’s welcoming internal culture and strong links within the surrounding community.

“Craft beers are a very small part of the business from a production perspective, but they are what ties us to the community,” explained Tim. “There’s always something going on here that’s being done to benefit someone else’s cause. It’s nice to be a part of something positive; the bulletin board is always filled with thank you notes.”

In a growing field at a growing company, what does the future look like from Tim’s perspective? Full of opportunities to learn and make positive change.

“The growth trend that we are on right now is incredible [but] while this is exciting to think about, these opportunities bring with them many challenges,” said Tim. “We’ve got to continue to build our relationships with our business partners, the community and with our employees if we want to maximize the opportunity. It’s exciting to think where this might take us as one of the largest employers in the area.”

With one brew season coming to a close and another one quickly rolling in, we’re proud that we can count on Tim to help ensure our employees are kept happy and, of course, safe. Cheers to you!

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