Reservations required for indoor seating.
Outdoor 250 person max capacity, indoor 50% max capacity.


(Maximum of 4 guests per table or 6 family members)

Indoor Seating



New Guidelines

To remain safe, here is what’s new:
• 250 max outdoor capacity & 50% indoor capacity.
• Reservations

– Reservations required for indoor seating and must be made prior to arrival. Outdoor reservations are not required. Reservations are made in 45 minute increments, which will allow our team to clean and sanitize between each party.
– If you need to cancel your reservation, please email and call us right away so we can open that spot back up. If you are 15 minutes past your reservation time, we will hold the right to cancel your reservation. If you want to extend your reservation, check availability with taproom staff. We cannot guarantee extended stay if there are reservations booked after.

• Party limited to 4; family 6. 

• 6’ social distancing.

• Please stay home if your are sick/feeling sick/been around anyone that has been sick/had COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
• In the event of inclement weather, guests will not be allowed indoors unless your reservation is indoors due to keeping a safe social distance. We will have tables setup under tents for rain shelter. In the event of a tornado, we will allow guests indoors for shelter. We will hold the right to ask you to leave if we feel too many people are indoors to be safely distanced. In order to respect other reservations, we will not be able to guarantee that you can extend your reservation in the case of inclement weather.

• Effective Saturday, July 25 masks will be required when inside the taproom

          – Masks do not need to be worn while outside.

          – Masks do not need to be worn while sitting at table inside.

          – Masks are asked to be worn:

                     > When ordering at the bar

                     > When getting up from your table

          – Don’t have a mask? We have disposable masks upon request. Please request from one of our staff if needed.

• We will not be doing flights or samples for the time being. 16oz disposable cups only at this time.

– We kindly ask you to dispose of your garbage upon leaving.

• Outside food is allowed. Bring snacks, order in, order from food truck when available on site, or order in from local restaurants.
• On tap beer menu will be available on our website here:, on chalkboard, or you may ask our knowledgeable staff what’s available. No paper menus.
• With these new guidelines, we still are taking things day-by-day. If anything comes to a point where our team is uncomfortable, we reserve the right to make any changes. Thank you in advance for your understanding as this is new and unique to all of us.
• Thank you for your support through these times, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. The support means everything!