Our brewers love to experiment, and our seasonal beer line-up is the result of their creativity. Check back often because you never know when we’ll add new brews!

Cool Beans

Imperial Coffee Porter

Cool Beans is a robust Imperial Coffee Porter brewed with coffee beans from Muggsy's Beans, a local roaster in St. Cloud, Minnesota. These Sumatra beans are cold pressed into a sweet concentrate, then combined with our roasted, chocolate malts producing a big blend you’ll soon be buzzing about. Cool Beans exhibits a rich dark brown color and a bold coffee aroma with a smooth roasted flavor. We call it Cool Beans but you’ll call this cool-laberation warm and fuzzy deliciousness.

ABV: 9.1% / IBU: 42

COLOR: Dark Brown to Black

MALTS: 2-Row, Brown Malt, C80, C120, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Flaked Oats, Muggsy’s Coffee Beans

HOPS: Willamette, Mt. Hood, Cascade

Pairs well with roasted or smoked food including barbecue, sausages and blackened fish. Also pairs well with chocolate peanut butter cookies or coconut bars.
Available November - February

Hunny Do

Melon Wheat Beer

GET IT DONE! Nothing on the on-going “hunny do” list getting crossed off? That’s when your “hunny do” list becomes more of an “I’ll do it myself” list and then…BOOM…done! Time to enjoy a real Hunny Do (one that doesn’t make you cringe) – a refreshing wheat beer with a crisp honey dew melon flavor. A hazy wheat that’s subtly sweet! You’ve earned it!

ABV: 4.8% / IBU: 18

COLOR: Light Gold, Hazy

MALTS: 2-Row, White Wheat, C40, Honeydew Melon Flavor

HOPS: Hersbrucker

Pairs well with lighter more subtle fares such as summer salads, mozzarella cheese, lighter fish, sushi, fruit salads or citrus salsa.
Available March - July


Session Oktoberfest

“O’ ZAPFT IS!” Every year, the Mayor of Munich Kicks off Oktoberfest by tapping the first keg and then declaring “O’ZAPFT IS!” (Translation: “IT IS TAPPED!” ) And boy do they ever tap. Oktoberfest revelers have appetites like lions - consuming about 440,000 sausages and 1.75 Million gallons of beer. This session Marzen is perfect for prolonged revelry, with rich malty flavor and 4.6% alcohol for good times all day long.

ABV: 4.6% / IBU: 17

COLOR: Copper

MALTS: 2-Row, Munich Type2, Caramunich Type2, Melanoidin, Vienna, Carapils

HOPS: Saaz

Pairs well with many foods – suggestions include: sausage, brats, bacon, dry rubbed pork, mushrooms, onions and grilled peppers.
Available August - October

Sugar Shack

Sweet Stout with Maple Syrup

Tucked in the backwoods of the legendary Saint John’s Abbey, the Sugar Shack is operated by monks passing on century-old secrets and providing some seriously sweet history. These guys take maple syrup making as seriously as we take great beer brewing. These discerning monks have given Third Street Brewhouse exclusive rights (yep, that means just us) to pair their notorious sweet blend with our perfectly crafted beer so we can bring you the Sugar Shack Maple Stout. Special thanks to the Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum & Forest in Collegeville, MN.

ABV: 6.5% / IBU: 20

COLOR: Deep Red/Black

MALTS: 2-Row, Honey Malt, Caramunich, Melanoidin, Dark Chocolate Malt, Black Barley, Maple Syrup

HOPS: Golding

Pairs well with dark meats, roast, wild game, sausages, pot roasts, ribs, sweet cakes, chocolate, fruit cakes and vanilla ice cream for a Sugar Shack Maple Stout float.
Available November - February

Sun Seeker


Is it possible to capture the essence of summer in a can of beer? After brewing our Sun Seeker Shandy, we're convinced. This crisp, refreshing brew screams summer with every sip. The hint of lemon is sure to transport your taste buds to a warm, sunny day. Enjoy a mini vacation from anywhere - including your favorite bar, patio, lawn chair or pool. Summer is just a taste away with our Sun Seeker Shandy.

ABV: 4.2% / IBU: 9

COLOR: Hazy Golden

MALTS: 2-Row, White Wheat, C45

HOPS: US Halertau

Pairs well with sitting on a dock, fishing and water activities.
Available March - July